The Origin of Miel de Monte

Miel de Monte produces honey in northern Argentina since 1991. The region called "El Gran Chaco" is one of the world´s largest reserves of flora and fauna. Miel de Monte comes from 1.000.000 ha. of virgin "monte" at the shores of the Rio Teuco.

Miel de Monte is based in El Sauzalito, a small Native American community of a tribe called the Wichi. The town  is far away from all sources of pollution (more than 500km) from the next bigger city, Resistencia.

El Gran Chaco

A place without contamination, where the sky is clear and the sun shines brightly. It is a place where the natives, ancient inhabitants of the region, live in harmony with nature.

A place where a great variety of native species and exuberant vegetation live, watered by important rivers born in the Andes.

Here, in the heart of the "Impenetrable" or "Monte" (as the area and its flora are called locally) we produce honey, exclusively based on the nectar of flowers and trees of the Monte. One of the most important sources for our honey is the "Palo Santo", or "Sacred Stick", a sacred tree of the aborigines.

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Un aereal imagen of the "Monte"  Un imagen of the "Monte"  Teuco River, in Sauzalito, Chaco