Of all the good that nature has provided for us, honey is without doubt the oldest, most delicious and healthy. Honey has been produced by bees for over 100 million years, and it has been held in honor by ancient and modern civilizations, untouched by fashion and across all cultures. Not without reason has honey been called the nectar of the gods.

Miel de Monte is created in the Chaco, in northern Argentina, in a community of ancient traditions of Native Americans, far away from the disturbance and pollution of modern live. El Sausalito lies in the heart of a vast ecological reserve the size of Louisiana, a dry jungle of rich plant and animal life.

This ancient and untouched environment in Spanish is appropriately called the “Impenetrable” – the native inhabitants, the Wichi, made contact with the modern world only in the early days of the 20th century.

Industrial production, agrochemical spraying of plantations and pastures, and even the pollution of city traffic are unknown in this quiet place, frozen in a simpler time.

Miel de Monte is a family-owned honey producer founded by Enrique Rimondino, who moved to El Sausalito in 1986 as part of a social project to support the indigenous population. The honey he encountered in El Sausalito, made from the unique local flora, inspired the foundation of Miel de Monte in 1991. Enrique’s wife, Monica Zidarich, is a teacher that pioneered language education in the native tongue of the Wichi.

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